ARMRY's mission is to provide a fun and practical way to explore the world of gaming gear


ARMORY allows you to explore gaming gear in a variety of ways. You can explore your favourite pros and content creators, search for the most popular gear, get automated recommendations, and view incredible battlestations.


There seems to be an endless amount of cloned websites claiming to have the latest info on the gear used by esports pros and popular content creators, all listing different information with no way to tell what's correct. Often emailing the site owner or leaving a comment is the only way to try and update information. Meanwhile hundreds of reviews from blogs you've never heard of rate the top ten mice and headsets, leaving you unsure who to trust. There must be a better way.


ARMORY takes a community focused and crowd-sourced approach to these problems. Users can provide their own expertise, and judge the correctness of each submission to the database for themselves. With the use of automated tools, knowledgable moderators easily help boost the overall quality of the site information based on user feedback.

We aim to provide as much information as possible, while making it simple and fun to digest. With powerful interactive tools like the search and FORGE Gear Recommender, alongside fun content like the Setup Gallery, users can explore and search in their own way.

In the spirit of community and transparency, please feel free to reach out on Twitter with suggestions, (constructive) feedback, feature requests, or any other questions you may have.


Can I view any information on People or Products?
Simply clicking or tapping on a mobile device will open up either the user profile or the product view selected.

What does the verified () icon mean?

Armory verification means the profile represents a well known person, whos basic profile information has been reviewed.

But a verified profile has something incorrect!

Armory verification does not mean every product on the profile is verified (see verified search filter for this) or that every piece of information about them is correct (teams and other information can change). You can always make a profile suggestion, vote on the correctness of a product on the profile, and of course leave a comment pointing out anything you think should be updated.

I see offensive or copyrighted material!

Please contact us on Twitter immediately.

How does search work?

Searching allows you to search over profiles or products in many ways (Sorting can be done seperately on the sort dropdown on the top right above the search buttons). Searching over profiles can be done by simply adding filters which can be toggled in the search side bar or removed from the list of current filters by clicking (even when search is closed).

Selecting two filters in the same category will return results that match both, for example selecting the "Fortnite" and "CS:GO" filters under Primary Game will return all profiles that have Primary Game either "Fortnite" OR "CSGO". Selecting fitlers across different categories returns results that only match BOTH, for example selecting "Esports pros" with "Fortnite" will only return Esports Pros with Primary Game "Fortnite", NOT all esports pros along with all profiles with Primary Game "Fortnite". An example search would be to select the filters "Esports Pro", "Fortnite", "CS:GO", "Canada", and age "19 - 20s". In plain english, this will return all Canadian people who are Fortnite or CS:GO pros and are 19 to 29 years of age.

In the case of products, you can also search by the most popular matching profile/people filters. So if you select the "Mouse" and "Fortnite" filters, you can find the most popular mouse among Fortnite players. Selecting "Monitor", "ASUS" under company category, "Esports Pro", and "CS:GO" will give you the most popular ASUS brand monitor among Counterstrike professionals. Sorting by earnings will sort products by adding the earnings of everyone who uses them.

On profiles, search works much the same, with the addition of a filter for PC type (gaming/streaming) and submission accuracy (how accurate the submission is based on our algorithm fed by the upvotes and downvotes).