✨ Starfield Lockpick Solver

Easily solve any digipick lock picking puzzle in Starfield.


Key [[key_num + 1]]



  1. Select the difficulty of lock you are solving, then enter the locks as you see them in the puzzle by clicking/tapping on the slots to toggle them on or off.
  2. Next enter the keys as you see them in the puzzle the same way, once you have fully entered a key click next key to enter the next. When you have entered all of the keys, hit solve and wait for the solution.
  3. Follow solution
    • The solution will tell you which keys to use on which locks, and how many times to rotate them in order to fit into the lock properly. Make sure to follow the rotations, as sometimes there are multiple ways a key could fit into a lock.
If you get an error message, make sure to ensure you counted all locks and keys properly. If you are really having trouble feel free to contact us by any methods in the footer of this page or message @keuxdi on twitter/X.

What is the Starfield Lock Picking Puzzle Solver?

In the game Starfield there are often doors and chests that can be unlocked via an item called a digipicks. When you use a digipick on a lock, you are presented with a mini puzzle like the one above. This tool helps you solve this puzzle automatically. Lockpicking is one of the most popular skills in Starfield, as well as other Bethesda games.

Why use this tool?

This tool is intended to be used as a choice for players. Some players will want to solve these puzzles on their own, but there are also players with accessability issues, or want to enjoy the entire game including locks without having to think too much. This tool is for them.

Are you associated with Starfield, Bethesda, Xbox, or Microsoft?

No. All names and trademarks belong to those companies. This is a fan made tool for players of the game.

I liked the old number style input!!

You can still access it here.