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Easily solve any digipick lock picking puzzle in Starfield.


Enter Locks

Enter lock combinations. Seperate locks (rings) with commas, and each lock should be a dash (-) seperated group of numbers, where numbers represent the empty slots from 1-32 as illustrated below.

Enter Keys

Enter key combinations. Seperate keys with commas, and each key should be a dash (-) seperated group of numbers, where numbers represent the slots from 1-32 where the key has a notch as illustrated below.


Lock Puzzle from Starfield
Photo: Bethesda/Starfield
  1. Enter Locks
    • Each lock or ring is represented by a series of 32 slots around a circle. Some slots are empty (where a key notch can fit in) and most are filled.
    • Rather than always counting from 1, the empty slots and key notches can be counted easily by counting up or down from the closest slots 1, 9, 17, and 25 which are directly up, right, down, and left as seen in the illustration above. Another thing to note is that empty slots are always odd numbers.
    • Enter each lock comma seperated. Locks are represented by the empty slots, and each slot is seperated for a dash. The first lock in the picture above would be 1-3-7-11-15-17-23-25, the second 1-3-15-23-31, and the third 13-21-31. So you would enter 1-3-7-11-15-17-23-25, 1-3-15-23-31, 13-21-31 under locks above.
  2. Enter Keys
    • Keys are very similar to locks, but they are represented by which slots their notches are on. You can see in the picture above that the currently shown key has a notch over the slot 7 for example.
    • Hint: You can make it easier to enter the keys by rotating them so that one notch is always over a more readable slot like 1, 9 ,17 or 25. Just ensure you don't rotate them after you've entered them under keys!
    • Move over each key, and enter it under keys above. Again key notches are seperated with a dash to represent a key and keys are comma seperated. Note: make sure not to rotate keys while counting their notches (it's totally fine to rotate them before).
  3. Follow solution
    • The solution will tell you which keys to use on which locks, and how many times to rotate them in order to fit into the lock properly. Make sure to follow the rotations, as sometimes there are multiple ways a key could fit into a lock.
    • If you get an error message, make sure to ensure you counted all locks and keys properly. If you are really having trouble contact us or message @keuxdi on twitter/X.

What is the Starfield Lock Picking Puzzle Solver?

In the game Starfield there are often doors and chests that can be unlocked via an item called a digipicks. When you use a digipick on a lock, you are presented with a mini puzzle like the one above. This tool helps you solve this puzzle automatically. Lockpicking is one of the most popular skills in Starfield, as well as other Bethesda games.

Why use this tool?

This tool is intended to be used as a choice for players. Some players will want to solve these puzzles on their own, but there are also players with accessability issues, or want to enjoy the entire game including locks without having to think too much. This tool is for them.

Are you associated with Starfield, Bethesda, Xbox, or Microsoft?

No. All names and trademarks belong to those companies. This is a fan made tool for players of the game.