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What team is [[]] on?
[[]] is on [[]]
Where is [[]]'s place of birth?
[[]] was born in [[]]
What is [[]]'s real name?
[[]]'s real name is [[profile.legalFirstName]] [[profile.legalLastName]]
When is [[]]'s birthday? And how old are they?
[[]]'s birthday is [[profile.birthday]]
How tall is [[]]?
[[]]'s height is [[profile.height]]
What are [[]]'s earnings?
[[]] has earned $[[profile.totalEarned]] (USD) in [[profile.totalTournaments]] tournaments
What mouse does [[]] use (2022)?
What keyboard does [[]] use (2022)?
What headset does [[]] use (2022)?
What microphone does [[]] use (2022)?
What camera does [[]] use (2022)?
What monitor does [[]] use (2022)?
What mouse pad does [[]] use (2022)?
What chair does [[]] use (2022)?
What mixer/amp does [[]] use (2022)?
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